Made Our Vacation Perfect

Made Our Vacation Perfect

Thank Yous - Attaboys - & Testimonials

R & A Pearson

O'ahu, Hawaii


We made it home safely from Hawaii but I wanted to drop you a quick "Thank You"for coordinating and planning our trip to O'ahu (Waikiki Beach).

We had the absolute best time in O'ahu and everything ran smoothly.  Peace of mind comes to thought when using ETX Travel.  You made sure all the "I's" were dotted, and "T's" crossed.  Even with my own personal colored coded itinerary (which my husband loved) Emoji, your attention to every detail was most appreciated and helped ease the stress of traveling.  We will be using ETX Travel for an upcoming trip to Italy and will be in touch.



1 year ago I woke up with the idea of taking the kids to Disney & my amazing husband said let’s make it happen! Right away I thought of ETX Travel and called Sherrill Schier who not only made it happen so easy, but she made us a poster to tell the kids Christmas morning and has been so happy for our family. Truly the best travel agent.

Tonight I am beyond grateful to make memories with my babies…but wait it is so much better than that. Y’all my bestie and her family are coming to. I told Erica H and Keith H and they said we want to come with yall!!! It’s been the cherry on top. 



Hi Sherrill,

Thanks again for your help booking the room. It has an amazing ocean front view.  (No better way to see Hawaii)

Roy Mullin


I would never plan a big trip without Sherrill!

Sherrill is absolutely an amazing professional and a great person. She arranged a dream of a lifetime trip to Italy for my long time friend and pastor.
She put together a wonderful riverboat cruise trip in Europe for my sister and her husband. On each trip she offered wisdom on what to see and what to avoid. My wife and I offered her a real test. I had arranged for a surprise trip to Hawaii to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary with my sweet wife. About two weeks from departure a gout flair in my knee required me to cancel. Sherrill was with me every step of the way in working with the travel insurance folks to get my refund. Let me repeat...Sherrill is amazing.

 I would recommend this agent to my family and friends

Jonathan Rathke

Daytona, Florida

Biggest Christmas surprise ever thanks to my wife and my mom!!! Super excited to spend a week, in Daytona, with my dad!! Boogity, Boogity, Boogity…..let’s go racing!! Thank you to Jennifer Reynolds with ETX Travel for helping set this up!

Robbie Cook

Bahamas, Carribean

Sherrill really wants her clients to have the best experience possible. She proves how much she cares by being there for you when you need her. We had missed our flight on our very first trip ever and when I called her at 6 am in a panic, she got on the computer to help find another flight and talked me through it. I had never been on a trip or flight before and it was our own fault that we missed the flight. She was there for us. She never showed any irritation at our ignorance. Although I wouldn't have blamed her if she did. She is a true professional. Thank you Sherrill!

 I would recommend this agent to my family and friends

Kathy Baker


I ♥️ #mytravelagent I swore I’d never use one. We’re well traveled, have timeshares and well, we just like to travel, but…Now I’m addicted to her. We HAD never been to Europe. I put all that in her hands (that was not easy for me to do) but when I walked into her office I felt assured instantly and… we were gone almost 7 weeks. We changed our minds at least 20 times, adding extra days here and there. You would not believe the savings. 💲 I would have never thought. Plus, There were so many perks 🌻 she knew all the tricks already. We never had any issues, to my surprise, I mean 7 WEEKS!!! Trains, planes, personal drivers, Untill we returned to Dallas customs. I got a text through my flight app says our flight to Austin was canceled. Before I could say anything she had me in the rental line getting a car. 🚘 It was perfect because we knew we weren’t getting out of there until the next day, if we were lucky. She had reservations and was done before we got to the front of the line. She was In touch with me the entire time (I felt like she was with me) she had me in a line that was maybe 4 people, knowing my patience 🌺. But we were home in 3 hours. I can’t say enough how she had our backs, she had to deal with airlines and insurance and I didn’t do anything. All I’m doing is looking forward to our trip next month. I happened to mention it to her, you know, I thought I could do this just fine. She took care of extra perks I didn’t know were available and got us in at a better price than I could think of. Traveling got easier, I don’t need to stress anymore. My adventures are always in your hand for now on Jennifer, thank you. 🙏🏽



Absolutely fantastic. Sherrill helped me when I first booked the vacation, then had to cancel, and then rebook. She was able to get me any offers that came up and all of my reservations that I requested.



Sherrill, is truly awesome ! Very personable and friendly ,easy to talk to and she hits every detail for your trip plans. From deals ,to any paperwork that you may need to carry with you or submit before trip. We have recommend Sherrill to friends, and they too, have planned a trip with her help, they are off in June for a Alaskan cruise. Great customer service !!!!