Travel Insurance Plans

Most of us work very hard for our money and when we invest it into a vacation we want that investment to be safe.  There are so many things that can go wrong after putting your hard earned money down and receiving your travel documents.

You should always allow for Murphy’s Law – “If something can go wrong, it will”.   A sample of those things are:

  • You or someone in your party falls ill before or during your trip.
  • The weather decides not to cooperate
  • Your work has decided at the last minute they can’t do without you
  • Transportation strikes (air, rail, cruise etc)
  • Your flight gets delayed or worse – cancelled.

Always be up front with all information when going over travel protection plans.  If there are pre-existing conditions, be prepared to lay it on the line because if something happens and it wasn’t disclosed, you could have the chance of losing your vacation costs.

We provide travel insurance through the best products we can find.

Disclaimer: Full terms and details of a travel insurance plan, including coverage limitations and exclusions can be found in the travel insurance plan policy or description of coverage

Travel Safety

Protect your identity while traveling. Check out our information on travel safety so you can stay safe while enjoying your vacation.


Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

Great question. The answer is yes. Many travelers thinking their health insurance or free credit card insurance will completely cover their out of pocket expenses. However, that’s often not the case. Consider the reasons below for purchasing travel insurance for your journey.

Health Insurance Doesn't Cover Everything

According to the US Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs your domestic health insurance may cover “customary and reasonable” costs overseas. However, they often won’t pay for a medical evacuation back to the US which can cost upwards of $50,000. That’s where travel insurance plans can help.

Credit Card Shortfalls

There’s a good chance your credit card provides some coverage for travel insurance. It’s important to check what coverage you actually have as this can vary depending on your card type, and can even cost you additional funds to invoke. Credit card companies often have a number of conditions in order for their insurance to apply. For example, you may have had to pay for the entire trip using that credit card. For higher benefits coverage, purchase a specific travel insurance plan.

Travel Investment

You don’t want to cancel a vacation, or lose the money you’ve invested. Cancel for a covered reason listed in your policy and Travel insurance can help.

Medical Expenses

If you’re traveling remotely you may not always have access to the best health care. Your health and safety is a priority. If an emergency medical evacuation is necessary, we will transport you to the nearest suitable hospital for treatment. Additional benefits include transportation of a visitor of your choice to stay with you or to transport any traveling children back home, should you become hospitalized.

Personal Belongings

A trip to the beach isn't much fun without a bathing suit. If your luggage is delayed or lost, Travel insurance plans go above and beyond. They can refund you for items lost, stolen or damaged, and reimburse you for necessary items you need to buy until your baggage is returned.

Travel Assistance & Concierge Services

Call the toll-free number 24/7 prior to departing for assistance or advice on planning your trip. We can help with booking concert tickets to making dinner reservations or a tee time for golf. When you’re traveling, one toll-free call gives you access to a variety of travel services like medical emergency assistance and lost baggage retrieval.


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