Travel Insurance Plans

Most of us work very hard for our money and when we invest it into a vacation we want that investment to be safe.  There are so many things that can go wrong after putting your hard earned money down and receiving your travel documents.

You should always allow for Murphy’s Law – “If something can go wrong, it will”.   A sample of those things are:

  • You or someone in your party falls ill before or during your trip.
  • The weather decides not to cooperate
  • Your work has decided at the last minute they can’t do without you
  • Transportation strikes (air, rail, cruise etc)
  • Your flight gets delayed or worse – cancelled.

Always be up front with all information when going over travel protection plans.  If there are pre-existing conditions, be prepared to lay it on the line because if something happens and it wasn’t disclosed, you could have the chance of losing your vacation costs.

We provide travel insurance through the best products we can find.

Disclaimer: Full terms and details of a travel insurance plan, including coverage limitations and exclusions can be found in the travel insurance plan policy or description of coverage

Travel Safety

Protect your identity while traveling. Check out our information on travel safety so you can stay safe while enjoying your vacation.



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