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Amsterdam, the 17th century capital of Holland, is often called the “Venice of the North” due to its numerous, boat-navigable canals. Truly rich in history, the oldest part of this populous, multicultural city is Sloten, which dates all the way back to the 9th century. Apart from the canals, attractions in Amsterdam include the Van…


Alaska’s largest city is the perfect place for anyone who wants a vacation filled with wildlife, outdoor activities, glaciers and gorgeous parks. Explore the rich culture and history of the indigenous people at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, hike the exquisite landscape of Flattop Mountain and finish the day with one of the many diverse…


Apia is the capital of Samoa and a lush paradise in the South Pacific. Replete with tropical beaches, coral reefs, and historical museums, Apia is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Samoan culture and experience the natural, biodiverse beauty of the South Pacific. Highlights of this island getaway include Palolo Deep Marine Reserve, Samoa…


Ashdod is Israel’s largest port city and one of the country’s most important commercial and trading hubs. Situated on the Mediterranean and a short drive from Tel Aviv, Ashdod offers spectacular coastal views and is a frequent stop on Mediterranean cruises.


Astoria, Oregon is the state’s oldest city. Located on the Columbia River near the Pacific Ocean, Astoria is rich in history, including fishing, canning and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. With its scenic views and landscape, it has been called “little San Francisco.”


Ancient history comes alive in Athens, the capital of Greece. Gaze in wonder at the Acropolis and its iconic crown, the Parthenon. Take a deeper dive into the past and visit both the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum, which house fascinating artifacts from this ancient city. With influences Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman, Athens…


Baltimore is a key seaport on the Eastern U.S. seaboard, home to Fort McHenry and civil war vessel the USS Constellation. Besides being the birthplace of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” it boasts attractions such as the National Aquarium and crab shacks offering the local delicacy.


Temples, street life and the locals’ prioritization of fun define Bangkok. Get amazing, real-deal Thai food on the street, take a boat trip, and bear witness to the boundary-pushing nightlife. Bangkok’s contradictory elements never cease to amaze. Ancient temples dot the city as do modern shopping malls, while Buddhist monks stroll among tourists in this…


To visit Barcelona is to embrace both the past and the future. There is much to do and see in this cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia, from medieval structures to beaches to UNESCO Heritage Sites by Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Doménech i Montaner. FC Barcelona, the professional football club, is also a huge draw here. Gaudí…

Belize City

Belize City is a port city on the eastern coast of Belize. A frequent stop for Caribbean cruises, this Central American destination will delight you with local flea markets, museums, and delicious eats.


Berlin has an undeniable history. The horrors of World War II, division, reunification, revolution all profoundly impacted the city in the 20th century. Today, visitors will find a sophisticated, high-energy city with endless cultural, architectural and gastronomic attractions. Attractions in Berlin include Brandenburg Gate (a reunification landmark), the Berlin Wall Memorial, Museum Island, and Berliner…


There’s plenty to explore in this vibrant Caribbean paradise. Visit one of the island’s many beaches, including Bachelor’s Beach, Te Amo Beach, and Sorobon Beach, take a stroll through the Bonaire Arts and Crafts Market, or visit Washington-Slagbaai National Park, where you’ll likely catch a glimpse of many of the island’s native birds and reptiles.