Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the vibrant political and cultural capital of Argentina, has become an enticing destination for many travelers and a must-see destination in South America. Founded in the sixteenth century by Spanish explorers, Buenos Aires has since developed its own unique flair.

Hints of Buenos Aires’s colonial origins can be found in the Plaza de Mayo city center, including the Cabildo, the Spanish colonial town hall turned museum, and Casa Rosada, the iconic governmental building. This bright pink palace was once the site for Eva Peron’s political speeches, immortalized in Broadway’s Evita, and is a favorite landmark for photographs. In contrast, La Boca’s famous Caminito street museum bursts with brilliant hues of blue, red, green, and yellow and is a haven for local Argentine artists, chefs, and dancers.

Buenos Aires abounds with art, beauty, and romance. The luxurious Teatro Colón opera house rivals those in Paris and London, while El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore, housed in an old cinema theater, is a book-lover’s paradise. Stop by the Café Tortoni to delight in fresh coffee and churros or listen to live tango and jazz performances. Browse eclectic and traditional antiques in Plaza Dorrego’s San Telmo fair. Marvel at the city’s Floralis Genérica sculpture, whose massive aluminum and steel petals open or close in response to sunlight and wind.

Buenos Aires’s stunning blend of colonial, European, and modern architecture, gastronomy, and attractions will enthrall you at every turn!

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The iconic pink governmental palace, which houses the offices of Argentina's president, is located in the central Plaza de Mayo.

The obelisk, located on Buenos Aires's Avenido 9 de Julio, is instantly recognizable and embodies the strength of the city. This monument celebrates the city's founding and independence.

This striking floral sculpture, constructed from steel and aluminum, moves with the daily changes in daylight and wind.

Located in Buenos Aires's La Boca neighborhood, Caminito street has become a walkable, outdoor museum of vivid color, authentic Argentine art, delicious cuisine, and local tango bands. This is a must-see stop for any tourist!

One of the world's most magnificent libraries, this lavish bookstore resides in an old cinema. Its balconies hold thousands of books for eager book-worms and tourists to peruse beneath the warm theater lights