Dublin, Ireland is an architectural, artistic, and gastronomic marvel. Immerse yourself in this cultural capital and discover a few of Ireland’s most famous landmarks!

A trip to Dublin wouldn’t be complete without imbibing at some of the world’s best distilleries and tasting rooms. The city is home to both the Old Jameson Whiskey Distillery and the Guinness Storehouse, where authentic Irish spirits and ales flow freely. Explore the long histories of these brewing giants in their respective factory museums and be sure to take a hearty swig of Guinness’s iconic stout. A number of local pubs line the streets of Dublin and contribute to the city’s thrilling nightlife. Head to Dublin’s city center to drop by the popular Temple Bar, whose unmistakable bright red exterior invites you to “have a gargle.”

From cathedrals to castles, Dublin boasts many striking architectural jewels that are guaranteed to astound you. Wander inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral, dating back to the twelfth century, to gaze in wonder at its vaulted archways and vibrant stained-glass windows. At the heart of the city lies Dublin Castle, once the medieval stronghold of King John of England and a symbol of centuries-long British rule. This vast and historic château offers a number of exquisite interior rooms, museums, and gardens that make for a perfect tour.

Dublin is a haven for bibliophiles. Frequented in days past by literary greats like Joyce, Wilde, and Yeats, Dublin remains a city for writers and readers. Peruse the deep wooden shelves of Trinity College’s Old Library, which boasts an impressive collection of rare manuscripts and texts (including the famous Book of Kells), or take a gander inside The Winding Stair, a quaint bookshop and upscale eatery mere steps from the city’s iconic Ha’penny Bridge. You’re bound to have a whale of a time in this delightful city! Let inviting Dublin capture your heart.

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Step inside this iconic pub, a popular spot for tourists, to buy a pint of Guinness and drink the night away!

This gorgeous Gothic cathedral, bathed in warm light through delicate stained-glass windows, is one of Dublin's most historic landmarks.

Sample rich and aromatic Irish whiskey at the Jameson Distillery, one of Ireland's premier distilleries, and learn more about Ireland's extensive history as a producer of whiskey and other spirits.